S/SA/SC Prestige

note: I should own more S prestiges but here's what I got so far, I do like the new 24 fret S series but my favorite have to be the S2540 and S1220, 1220 is super light and so easy to play. SCs are also cool axe.

S2540 Prestige
SV2009 Prestige
SV5470 Prestige
S5470 Prestige
S5470RVK Prestige
S5470QM Prestige
S2020X Prestige
S20065 Prestige
SA1060Z-bbk Prestige
S1220 Prestige
S5521Q Prestige
S5521Q Prestige
S5520K Prestige
S1520 Prestige
SC1620 Prestige
SC620 Prestige
SA2020 Prestige
SV5470 Prestige
SA2120 Prestige
SA2160 Prestige
S5427 Prestige 7 string
S5420 Prestige
S2175 Prestige
SA1620 Prestige
S5528LW Prestige
S970 Premium
S970 Premium walnut
S2170F Prestige
S5570Q Prestige
S5527Q Prestige
S5527Q Prestige