RG Prestiges

note: Limilted edition stuff like the puzzle ones are the coolest of Prestige models. But I really love the Japan only ones like RG2680 maple and 2820 with vines as well as RGT320 in pink! Why didn't they make these avialable in US I don't know.. Black swirl limited in 2005 got nice touch with matchign swirl pick ups. I love the RGR1570 I hope they will make more RGRs with different color and stuff.. My main axe for small duo gigs are RG2027 with piezo and RG2077Xl long scale one with sustainer I put in these are also tuned differently to get more low notes, you can read about it here RG2228 is the first 8 string I evern played took me about an month to get used to but I used it alot at my Brokensoul gigs. Instead of low F# I tune it to low E.

RG2820 Prestige
RG2620 Prestige
RG2620BK Prestige
RG20063 Prestige

RG20062 Prestige

RG20061 Prestige (RGT220A)
RG20051 Prestige
RG2680M Prestige
RG2920ZA Prestige
RG32228M Prestige
RG20072 Prestige
RGT320Q Prestige
RGT220 Prestige
RGT3120 Prestige
RGT320Q Prestige

RG3550M DY

RG35520M DY

RG35520M OB
RG3520Z Prestige
RG3570M DY Prestige
RG3520MZ Florecet Orange Prestigee
RG3570 Prestige
RG3570 Prestige
RG752 AHM Prestigee
RG652 AHM Prestige
RG1570 Prestige (Jessie Madera Art)
RG652K Prestige
RG1520 Prestige


RG2570MZ CAB Prestigee
RG2570MZ Prestige
RGR1570 Prestige
RG1527m Prestige
RG852m Prestige
RG652 Prestige
RG1512 Prestige
RG2560 Prestige
RG2027X Prestige
RG752 Prestige
RG752LW Prestige
RG1421F Prestige
RG1420F Prestige
RG652M Prestige
RG2570E Prestige
RG1520 Prestige
RG1550M Prestige
RG1550M Prestige
RG6UC Prestige
RGR652AHB Prestige
RG652MPB Prestige
RG652AHMS Prestige
RG657K Prestige
RG652BG Prestige
RG657m Prestige
RG752m Prestige

RG5120m Prestige

RGR5220M Prestige
RGR5227MFX Prestige
RG1208 Prestige
RG1451 Prestige
RG1570 Prestige
RG2550 Prestige
RG5320 Prestige

RG2620CA Prestige

RG1527 Custom paint Prestige
RG2570Z DSP Prestige
RG2570E Prestige
RG2610 Prestige
RG1570 LMR Prestige
RG2077 Prestige
RG5521 Prestige
RG1550 Prestige
RG5170 Prestige
RG1027IR7 Prestige
RG20062 Prestige (2)
RG20051 Prestige (2)
RG2027X Prestige
RG2228 Prestige
RG2228A Prestige
RG3550M Prestige
RG2020X Prestige
RG5320C Prestige
RG1077XL Prestige
RG3120 Prestige
RG2550 Prestige